Advocatenkantoor Hijma is the law firm of lawyer Rombout Hijma, based in Utrecht. The firm strives to provide high quality professional legal assistance in the area of migration law and associated legal fields.


Rombout Hijma (1961) qualified as a lawyer in 1991. From 1993, he worked together with Frits van Nierop under the name Van Nierop & Hijma Advocaten. Since the beginning of his practice, Rombout Hijma has specialised in migration law, including regular immigration law and asylum law. Within asylum law, he is highly experienced in the area of asylum seekers and immigrants from Iran and Afghanistan. He has also handled cases in family law, tenancy law and administrative law.

Rombout Hijma is registered in the law fields register of the Dutch Bar Association in the fields of Migration Law and Asylum- and Refugee Law. He is a member of the Union of Asylum Lawyers- and Jurists in the Netherlands (VAJN) and of the Specialisation Association of Migration-Lawyers (SVMA).

He is a member of the Asylum Committee of the Dutch Refugee Council (Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland) and from 2015 till 2022 a member of the peer review committee for asylum lawyers. He is registered by the Dutch Bar Association as a peer reviewer in the field of asylum law.

Rombout Hijma is a member of the refugees working group of the Dutch Refugee Council and of the immigrants working group (WRV) of the Association of Migration Law (Stichting Migratierecht). From 1999 to 2011 he taught at OSR Juridische Opleidingen [Legal Training] in Utrecht. He was also chairman of the appeals committie of the University Assistance Fund (UAF) for refugees in Utrecht.

He is married and has two children.

Insofar as you qualify, the firm performs its activities based on government funded legal assistance. Whether you qualify depends on the nature of the problem and your income. Generally, activities in the application phase (for example regarding applying for a residence permit) do not qualify for government-funded legal aid, but using legal remedies (lodging an objection or appeal against the rejection of an application) do.

You can also find out whether you qualify for legal aid based on your income (and that of your cohabiting partner) by consulting the website of the Legal Aid Board ( Normally, the Board charges a personal contribution based on your income, to be paid to your lawyer.

Insofar as you do not qualify for legal aid, our firm normally provides its services based on an hourly rate. The level of the hourly rate is discussed, agreed and laid down in writing in advance. Normally, a limited advance is charged at the start of the work, after which the work is invoiced based on subsequent calculation.

The office has no bank account for third-party funds. The office is connected with the Consumer Complaints Boards for the Bar (


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